Kindred Motorworks

Vintage Cars Modernized

What We Do

Kindred Motorworks is dedicated to making classic cars available to the mainstream.

We strip down carefully selected classic vehicles and rebuild them in our high technology facility to maximize quality and safety. Along the way, we add features that modern day drivers value, such as disc brakes and Bluetooth sound systems, without impacting the cars classic designs. Kindred also allows buyers to choose features for their cars such as wheels, engines and colors that suit you best. The result is a new class of cars, the modern-day classic – safe and reliable with timeless design.

Kindred classics are produced in our high-tech facility in Marin County, California.

By focusing on a limited number of brands each year, Kindred builds specific expertise in the quirks of each brand we produce. We iterate our prototypes over and over with different mixes of upgrades and safety features until we find the best combination of quality, safety and cost. Then we set up our brand specific assembly lines and work stations and take advantage of our technology and scale to produce an unmatched vehicle.

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Kindred Motorworks

Marin County, California