EV Chevy 3100

Chevy3100 Side Passenger
Chevy3100 Front 3 QR Passenger
Chevy3100 Front
Chevy3100 Front 3 QR Driver
Chevy3100 Side Driver
Chevy3100 Back 3 QR Driver
Chevy3100 Back
Chevy3100 Back 3 QR Passenger

City Cruiser available in Cherry Red

Chevy3100 Charger Charger Open
Chevy3100 Interior Driver
Chevy3100 Vent

All New Interior

The Kindred Chevy 3100 Pick-up Truck combines tradition and technology to create a truly one-of-a-kind EV.

Design features include: Custom leather upholstery, bench seat with headrests and center seating, EV specific original style gauge cluster, rotary gear selector, touchscreen media center, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging phone dock, high fidelity audio system including subwoofer and more options below.

Chevy3100 Interior Driver Seat
Chevy3100 Interior Passenger
Chevy3100 Interior Driver Seat Arm Open

Modern Day Utility

A beloved American classic that jumps off the line. Ready to load up and roll on to wherever you need to go.

Design Features Include: 294hp Direct drive electric AC motor (No traditional transmission), 74 kWh battery for a 200 mile range, 6.6 kW on-board charger w/ 120v and 240v support, double wishbone front suspension, rack and pinion steering, 1 year limited warranty and more options below.

Chevy3100 Interior Engine Light On
Chevy3100 Back Bed
Chevy3100 Back Bed Detail
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Source & Info
The Kindred Chevy 3100 is built from 1947 to 1953 vehicles
Powertrain (Electric)
294HP Direct Drive Electric AC Motor (No Traditional Transmission)
74 kWh Battery for a 200 Mile Range
6.6 kW On-Board Charger w/ 120v and 240v Support
Charge Time: 9 Hours (Level 2)
4 Wheel Power Disc Brakes
Electric Parking Brake
Electric Power Steering
Wheels & Tires
Aluminum Original Style Wheels with Chrome Chevrolet Hubcaps
Tires: Continental TrueContact Tour
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Custom Upholstery

Black Leather

Tan Leather

Interior Trim

Chrome Trim

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Custom Color Options Available

Your vehicle specialist will work with you on selecting either a standard Kindred or custom color.

Custom Color