Kindred VW Bus

VW 3 4 Back
VW Profile Passenger
VW 3 4 Front Passenger
VW Front Open
VW 3 4 Front Driver
VW Profile Driver
VW 3 4 Back Driver
VW Back
VW 3 4 Back
VW Profile Passenger

Price $199,000. Production Begins 2024.

Everyone’s favorite bus just got an upgrade

Vintage,Electric and functional

VW Interior Table
VW Interior Bowl
VW Interior Battery
VW Electric Charge

All New Interior

The Kindred VW Bus is designed with friends and family in mind. Great for a day at the beach, hanging out at a tailgate or running day-to-day errands.

Design Features Include: Detachable table, storage cabinets, rearview camera, state of the art sound system, wrap-around seating and much more.

VW Interior Table
VW Interior LCD
VW Interior Seat Turn

Modern day utility

Original buses are easy to love. But let’s be honest, up close they’re hard to live with. 46 horsepower, questionable braking and quirky steering keep most original buses in the garage.

Design Features Include: Electric power train, 4 wheel disc brakes, three point seat belts and much more.

VW Electric Charge
VW Interior Battery


VW Hero Passenger Birch Green 01
VW Hero Passenger Diamond Blue 01
VW Hero Passenger Sea Blue 06
VW Hero Passenger Fire Orange 10
VW Hero Passenger Free Born Red 04
VW Hero Passenger Phoenix Yellow 06
VW Hero Passenger Sealing Wax Red 04 1

available in Seafoam Green