Kindred Motorworks Trail Edition Off Road Ford Bronco Exterior 003 Rear Three Quarters

The Ford Bronco Reimagined: A Classic Reborn


The Ford Bronco Reimagined: A Classic Reborn

One of the most popular vintage vehicles on the road, the Ford Bronco restomod has made a resurgence over the past few years. Kindred Motorworks steps it up a notch by taking all that you love about the first-generation 1966-1975 Ford Bronco models and making them better with modernized technology. Using proprietary Blueprint software, Kindred Motorworks is able to produce classic restomods of the Ford Bronco efficiently and cost-effectively.

Kindred Gas Broncos are equipped with a 460hp Ford 3rd Gen Coyote 5.0 V8 engine and support a 200-mile range. They are designed to be driven off-road and around town with a smooth riding experience. You have the option to upgrade to the Trail Edition Package which includes front and rear impact bumpers paired with an integrated hitch and tire carrier system.

The first-generation Ford Broncos were brought to market as a result of a need from consumers to have an all-purpose vehicle that was reliable and specifically engineered to go the distance both on and off-road. While it wasn't the first off-road vehicle introduced to the scene, it quickly became a favorite against the competition of the Jeep CJ-5 and International Harvester Scout vehicles. The main differentiator between the Ford Bronco and its competitors was its unique front axle design that allowed for superior maneuverability. Aside from its power on an off the road, the Ford Bronco has come to be known as a premium heritage vehicle in American history.

Your next adventure awaits in the Kindred Bronco whether it’s a weekend drive to the mountains or an oceanside cruise. Choose from a selection of paint options and wheelsets.