Chevy3100 Interior Engine Light On

Kindred Chevy 3100


The Electrified Revival of the Classic Chevy 3100 Truck

Introducing the Kindred 3100 Truck, the all-electric pickup you never knew you needed.

The classic Chevy 3100 Pick-Up Truck is revamped with EV technology to lower impact on the environment and operate with high performance and reliability on the road. The truck includes a new interior with custom leather upholstery, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, a wireless charging phone dock, and more. With a 294hp Direct drive electric AC motor, this classic truck is ready to hit the road with up to a 200-mile range.

The Chevy 3100 Truck originally debuted in 1947 as the first new model of Chevy truck since the end of World War II. Not only was it the first truck offered with an optional V8 engine by Chevrolet, but it was the first to offer an automatic transmission. The Chevy 3100 is a classic truck that is one of the most beloved trucks in American automotive history with a popular design and utility. They were an affordable model for many Americans when released with a versatility that was not seen by competitors on the market. Today, you see the Chevy 3100 Trucks in classic car auctions, posted up at farm stands, or being driven on the roads if they are in good condition.

At Kindred Motorworks, we take the original 1947 to 1953 Chevy 3100 Pick-Up Trucks and not only restore them to resemble the original models, but transform them into modern electric vintage cars for a more environmentally friendly, safer, and reliable driving experience. Watch the video above to learn more about the Kindred 3100 Pick-Up Truck.