Where The Classic Car Rebuild Happens


In the spring of 2023 Kindred completed the construction of our new vintage car production facility on Mare Island, California

A Sneak Peek...

Our new home, known as Building 527, was built in the early 1940s to support the construction of Navy ships and submarines at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Mare Island was established as the first Navy base on the West Coast in 1854, and is located at the confluence of the Napa River and San Francisco Bay. At its peak, the base employed 50,000 workers before closing in 1995 and falling into disrepair.

Today, Mare Island is being revitalized with Kindred as a centerpiece along with a brewery, distillery, housing and an array of new businesses. Upon its completion, our 100,000 square feet facility will provide hundreds of high-quality manufacturing jobs for the workers of Solano, Sonoma and Napa counties.

The Kindred production facility, designed by Kevin Oreck Architect, (, is bristling with technology and industrial equipment but also keeps sustainability and simplicity in mind.

To streamline the modernization of vintage cars, the facility brings together all aspects of auto restoration under one roof. Paint, bodywork, upholstery, machining and design all have their own individual shops with technology and industrial engineering tying them all together.

Kindred welcomes pre-order customers to come for a visit, work in the production facility for a day, or to pick up and to take their new Kindred modernized vehicle for it's first spin.

For More on Mare Island: Mare Island Historic Park Foundation

Pre construction inside