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Bronco 001 Has Officially Made Its Way Home


From Our Wildest Dreams to Our Customer's Garage

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When we started Kindred, we had a vision of building a better path toward classic car ownership by building vehicles that combine the best of vintage and modern. Our first step toward making that a reality: craft a better Bronco—one that combines the luxurious interiors and powerful, efficient engine of modern vehicles with the iconic simplicity and clean lines the Bronco is known for. Three years, multiple prototypes, and countless hours of R&D later, we’ve dialed in the design to reach a major milestone as a company.

We are happy to say that it’s time to formally introduce Kindred Bronco 001. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

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“This is, without question, the most exciting day in our company’s young history. In under three years, we’ve evolved from an idea inspired by the complexities of restoring a classic vehicle to a fully realized company that is now producing and delivering turnkey, fully modernized vintage vehicles.”

- Rob Howard / Kindred Motorworks Founder and CEO

Our First Customer

Obviously, we take our vehicles seriously at Kindred, but that’s just part of the story. We’re deeply invested in our customers and want to make sure they’re part of the journey. From day one, Jeff T. was involved in the production of his Bronco. During the assembly phase, we hosted him at our Mare Island Headquarters for his Customer Work Day, where he threw on safety glasses and did some wrenching himself. Each vehicle we make is a collaborative effort; a labor of love.

What is a car without its driver? Time spent with Jeff was invaluable for our process. We got to know him personally, getting our hands dirty together, putting in the work to make our shared vision a reality. This melding of minds made delivery day that much sweeter.

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Unveiling Bronco 001

One look at the final product and it’s easy to see just how much time, effort and love went into Jeff's Bronco. The brilliant orange exterior of the Bronco shines brighter than the day it first came off the production line in 1972, while the meticulously designed interior shows off a perfect blend of vintage utility and modern flourishes.

Don’t be fooled, this is more than a cosmetic restoration—the Kindred Bronco is a capable, sure-footed off-roader. Under the hood is a 460hp Ford 3rd Gen Coyote 5.0 V8 engine. New, modern front and rear disc brakes have been installed and a rearview camera keeps watch behind the Bronco while LED headlights light the way forward.

In the cab you’ll find all the modern luxuries a driver demands: power windows, hi-fi audio with a built-in subwoofer, updated leather trim, Bluetooth compatibility and reversible rear bucket seats. Not to mention the addition of some ever-valuable cupholders.

Our Bronco is just like the one you remember, thoughtfully restored and updated in ways you won’t soon forget.

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Delivery Day

To start the day, we picked up Jeff and his family and drove them to HQ in our custom electric VW bus. Upon arrival, Jeff was greeted by the entire Kindred team, each of whom was wearing a custom tee adorned with Bronco 001’s Kindred registry number.

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After much celebration and some happy tears, we handed Jeff the keys and watched as he and his family drove away for the first of many adventures. He told us he plans on trekking up to Tahoe whenever possible and we can’t wait to see his Bronco in action.

This first delivery day invoked the true spirit of Kindred, one of hard work and time well spent. We’re a family and we’re happy to bring our customers into the fold, making them part of the family, too.


“It’s always exciting, that day you pick up a new car, but this is different. It’s the culmination of a unique and exhilarating journey for me,” said Jeff.

“Kindred Motorworks developed an experience for new owners that really made me feel like I’m a part of the company—not just a customer. Being able to come to Mare Island, collaborate with the team, and work on my own car as it was being built left me feeling fully invested in what’s happening here. I’m proud to be their first customer, and I couldn’t be happier with my Kindred Bronco.”

- Jeff T. / Customer 001

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Headed in the Right Direction

Handing the Bronco 001 keys to their rightful owner was an occasion for celebration, no doubt, but it’s just the beginning. Broncos 002 through 005 are already wrapping up production and testing, meaning four more delivery days are in short order. We’ve also got a handful of Broncos entering the fabrication phase, taking the old bones of 60s and 70s models to task, preparing them for a future in the wild. We can’t wait to wave goodbye as they take their first drive off Mare Island.