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Introducing the Trail Edition Off Road Bronco


Kindred Bronco: The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

Are you an off-road enthusiast? Kindred Motorworks is bringing today's safety and reliability to vintage vehicles and has done it again with our Trail Edition Off Road Bronco, an ultimate beast. This edition is the perfect blend of classic style and impressive off-road performance. Adding onto the Kindred Bronco, a restomod of the classic 1966 to 1975 Ford Bronco, it's an upgrade of the classic vintage with modern technology, making it the ultimate adventure vehicle.

Team Test Drive: Winter Performance through Ice and Snow (Tons of It)

We put the Bronco through its paces offroad during the recent winter storm at Lake Tahoe, CA. We hit the ground at the tail end of one storm and the beginning of the next. March received nearly record breaking snowfalls. The conditions were less than ideal; roads were snow-covered with patches of ice. Although initially apprehensive, we knew we were in good hands once we got behind the wheel. The coil spring rear suspension absorbed every bump and jolt, while the 460-horsepower 3rd-gen 5.0L Ford Coyote V8 pushed us through two feet of snow with a deep growl. And with the four-wheel drive system and BFGoodrich all-terrain tires supporting traction, this bad boy maneuvered the terrain like a champ! The Trail Edition Off Road Bronco is a beast and handles everything across its path.

As we made our way around the lake, the team couldn't help but smile, knowing that we had found the perfect adventure vehicle in the Trail Edition Bronco. Its power, braking, handling, and control capability surpassed my expectations. Whether driving on rocky, uneven surfaces or through inches of snow, it handled it all (even when we passed many OEM competitor vehicles stranded). We knew we would be taking it on many more amazing adventures.

“I've owned a lot of older vintage cars. And, what you find traditionally in those cars is a general looseness to the suspension to the steering of vagueness. So as time goes on, components wear out. And even though you replace those components. It just feels old. That's an area where we've worked hard to try and improve. Driving this Bronco was very confidence inspiring. It gives you a sense of stability and gives you the feeling of control.”

Juan Segarra, Director, Pre-Production

If you're looking for a vintage adventure vehicle, look no further than the Trail Edition Off Road Bronco restomod from Kindred Motorworks. It's the perfect combination of classic style and modern technology. It has excellent off-roading capability and durability to explore even the most challenging terrain.

Features and Specifications of the Bronco Trail Edition

At Kindred, we focus on building classic cars with modern technology. You might ask, why would I pine for a 50-year-old car model? What if you learned we maintain the vintage design and upgrade the edition with modern features? For instance, the old braking is replaced with a modern system featuring Hydroboost Powered 4 Wheel Disc Brakes that support almost instant braking. Moreover, our Trail Edition Off Road Bronco is about more than just brute force and functionality. It's also designed for comfort and convenience, boasting features like a backup camera, RECARO leather bucket seats with headrests, power windows, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Besides, as a Bronco restomod designed for off-road terrain, this edition adds to the Vintage Ford Bronco’s iconic blend of simplicity and luxury. It includes two more features: a front impact bumper with an integrated Warn Zeon 10-S Winch and a rear impact bumper customized to fit a hitch and tire carrier. Both bumpers provide additional impact absorption on collision. And in case you are stuck in the mud, snow, or sand, the Warn Zeon 10-S Winch will come in handy to pull you out of a difficult situation!

You can choose from ten standard color options, including custom paint colors. Standard color options with white roofs include matching white fender flares, grill, and chrome badging. Finally, with black or tan leather trim, we spruce up the interior to your liking at no extra cost. So what are you waiting for? It's time to hit the trail!


Will the Trail Edition Bronco be able to handle off-road terrain?

Yes! Its 460hp engine injects power, its differentials and coil spring rear suspension provide excellent handling and stability, and its BFGoodrich all-terrain tires pull it through even the most challenging off-road terrain.

Can I reserve a Trail Edition Bronco?

You can pre-order a Trail Edition Bronco on the Kindred Motorworks website at

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Somewhere in beautiful Lake Tahoe