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Introducing the Trail Edition Off Road Bronco


Tahoe Test Drive: Trail Edition Off Road Bronco

Tahoe’s Winter Storm

Mid-summer brings sunny, warm weather, but back in early spring, the weather was ruthless. While the scene was incredible, our timing was wild. As we had anticipated, Tahoe was receiving the tail end of one storm and the beginning of the next. March received nearly record-breaking snowfalls (over 700 feet!), and temperatures hovered around freezing. The Bronco Trail Edition easily handled the snowy roads, showcasing its exceptional performance and maneuvering through the challenging terrain effortlessly. Activating the Bronco's 4-wheel drive mode allowed us to confront the snow head-on.

Testing the Bronco Trail Edition

Over several days, covering approximately 3000 miles, our route took us from Reno to Emerald Bay and back to Truckee. Our team of six operated in shifts, with different members driving in shifts in the morning and afternoon. With the vehicle tuning software connected, our engineering team led, by Jarod Aghily, monitored real-time data and hundreds of performance metrics. This included monitoring the engine's vitals, such as intake air temperature. Throughout our test drive, the checklist was reviewed, and every aspect of the vehicle was thoroughly tested.

While driving in the off-road terrain, the significance of the Bronco restomod Trail Edition's design and engineering became evident: a harmonious blend of classic vintage, power, precision, and innovation, emblematic of Kindred's classic cars with modern technology blueprint. The suspension, meticulously crafted for a modernized driving experience, offered responsiveness and directness rarely found in vintage vehicles. Meanwhile, the BFGoodrich tires kept us on course with excellent traction and grip on the snow-covered roads.

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Since developing our first Kindred Bronco - a restomod of the classic 1966 to 1975 Vintage Ford Bronco - our team eagerly pushed for an upgraded model built to take on challenging terrain. Enter the Trail Edition Off-Road Bronco. Earlier this spring, our team, led by Juan Segara, Director of Pre-Production, and Jarod Aghily, Lead Mechanical Engineer, took the newest Bronco to Lake Tahoe to test the Trail Edition against the elements. From the planning to the winter weather, we were in for an unforgettable adventure.

Preparing for the Test Drive

The Pre-Production team created a comprehensive checklist of items we wanted to review for the Tahoe test drive. Emphasis was placed on assessing the suspension, stability, four-wheel drive system, traction, and overall comfort of the Kindred Bronco Trail Edition. Attention was also given to details such as noise, vibrations, and harshness, as well as the performance of the HVAC system, wiper system, and tires. Adequate preparation was made by equipping ourselves with spare parts and tools to address any potential issues that may arise during the test drive.

As the trip approached, we were aware of the challenge ahead with pending winter storms in the Lake Tahoe area. Nevertheless, our team was excited, curious, and eager to see how the Bronco Trail Edition would perform in these extreme conditions. The team was split into two groups: three individuals driving the Bronco, and the rest followed in a support truck carrying all the necessary spare parts. This arrangement allowed us to respond quickly to any mechanical failures and ensured the safety of everyone and the vehicle.

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"The differentials, the suspension, the tire choice, the axle all contributed to the off-road Bronco's unwavering stability, keeping us firmly planted on the path to adventure." - Juan Segarra, Director, Pre-Production

To our delight, the Bronco Trail Edition exceeded our expectations at every step. Even after deliberately testing its limits by intentionally maneuvering into snowbanks, the vehicle's agility, and power kept us moving forward.

"The Off Road Bronco was super stable the whole time and handled great. Everything we could throw at it, it just ate it up!" - Juan Segarra, Director, Pre-Production

As we pressed forward, the interior of the Bronco served as our rest haven, shielding us from the ever changing winter elements. The snow couldn't find its way inside, and our focus on reducing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) had paid off! No annoying rattling or squeaking sounds enhanced the driving experience, even in the tough terrain.

Throughout the entire trip, our team felt safe and in control. The Bronco Trail Edition's performance instilled confidence in us, even in the most challenging conditions, and made every moment behind the wheel exhilarating. Its eye-catching design also garnered attention from other motorists, turning heads wherever we traveled.

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Bronco Testing Brings the Team Closer Together

Finally, while this trip was primarily a testing expedition, it quickly morphed into a team bonding exercise. Sharing a house, cooking meals together, and enjoying morning coffee, strengthened our already close-knit team. The shared experiences and mutual trust fostered an environment where creativity and collaboration flourished.

The Kindred Bronco Trail Edition proved to be an agile and powerful off-road vehicle that handled great and was highly stable in the harsh winter conditions of Tahoe. For us, it was clear that it isn't just like other vintage vehicles; this Bronco is special. It exudes innovation that keeps its passengers safe, comfortable and in control. With an eye towards rugged durability and superior performance in the elements, the Trail Edition was put to the ultimate test - and it passed with flying colors.

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