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Our company

Who we are

We’re technicians, software developers, mechanical engineers, athletes, veterans, students, dog lovers, and most of all–car lovers. We love a whiff of gasoline and we geek out about the torque provided by electric motors, as well as all of the beautiful accents that make these cars works of art. Above all we believe the world is a better place with vintage cars out on the road.

We strive to create a meaningful workplace at Kindred, which means something different for each of our team members. For some, it’s getting these immortal vehicles on the road. For others it’s the portion of revenue we donate to our local community for every vehicle sold. For many at Kindred, it’s the inclusive culture and diverse work environment we’ve created.

Our Mission:

Kindred Motorworks builds vehicles that combine nostalgia, timeless design and character of the past with today's safety, reliability and performance.


Our Team

What we do

At our design center on Mare Island in Vallejo, California we spend countless hours on every Kindred model prototyping and painstakingly evaluating thousands of design decisions that drive performance and reliability.

Our cars create joyful experiences for our customers and immense pride for our team. Consider joining the team if you share our interests. We are looking for retirees, MBAs, high school drop-outs, career changers- we don’t care, as long as you can match our passion and work ethic, get the job done, and are ready to have fun!

Monica John
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Leadership team

Our leadership team represents a diverse group of experienced leaders: ranging from successful B2B start-ups to large consumer brands. The areas of expertise include supply chain, technology, retail and aviation to name a few. Along the way, many of us have been restoring cars, racing on the weekends and gaining all the experience necessary to build and lead Kindred.


Rob Howard



Monica Coakley

VP, Marketing & Sales


Tony Degrassi

VP, Supply Chain

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Marc de Smidt

VP, Operations & Engineering


Brian Alloway

VP, Product


Joe Fernandez

Director, Design


John McGinn

Director, Production


Jen Feldman

Director, Digital Marketing


Juan Segarra

Director, Engineering & Testing


Seth Friesen

Director, EV Development


Portia Wingard

Office Manager


Tom Alvarado

Manager, Digital Sales | Vehicle Specialist

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Kindred Motorworks
685 Walnut Avenue
Vallejo, CA 94592