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We’re technicians, software developers, mechanical engineers, designers, painters and vintage car lovers. We love a whiff of gasoline and we geek out about the torque provided by electric motors. Above all, we believe the world is a better place with vintage cars out on the road.

Kindred guys

Our cars create joyful experiences for our customers and immense pride for our team. Consider joining the team if you share our interests. Retirees, MBAs, high school drop-outs, career changers- we don’t care if you can match our passion and work ethic.

At our design center in Marin County, California we spend countless hours on every Kindred model, prototyping and painstakingly evaluating thousands of design decisions, that drive performance and reliability. Kindred's depth of technology and engineering experience make driving our modern classic cars easy.

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Our homegrown technology platform helps us map the genome of each model in such detail, that we can manage our workflows in ways never seen before in restomods. Kindred’s integrated supply chain and our scale allow us to to rebuild these modern classic cars with an unwavering focus on efficiency and quality.

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We strive to create a meaningful workplace at Kindred, which means something different for each of our team members. For some, it’s getting these immortal vehicles on the road. For others it’s the portion of revenue we donate to our local community for every vehicle sold. For many at Kindred, it’s the inclusive work environment we’ve created.

Design Center

Kindred Motorworks

24 Tiburon Street

San Rafael, CA 94901

Kindred garage

Mare Island Production Facility

Kindred Motorworks

Mare Island

685 Walnut Avenue

Vallejo, CA 94592

Pre construction inside