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20 Years in The Garage


The Art of Restoring Classic Cars with Our Blueprint Technology

Restoring vintage vehicles has long been a passion for Rob Howard, founder of Kindred Motorworks. Before launching the restoration car company, Rob spent 20 years in his garage tinkering on classic cars.

After discovering the complex nature of restoring his Chevy 3100 Truck, Rob determined that there was an opportunity to fuse his background in technology with vintage vehicle restoration. His goal being to make the restoration process more efficient and affordable while maintaining a truly enjoyable driving experience.

He brought the idea to his team of 15 years, who successfully built a supply chain company and technology company together. Being the passionate car enthusiasts they are, the idea stuck and shortly after Kindred Motoworks and our proprietary Blueprint technology were born.

Blueprint allows the Kindred team to oversee every phase of the restoration process, making it more efficient, cost effective, and less than half the time of that to restore a vehicle as it would be in a local shop. This technology not only allows Kindred Motorworks to scale production, but also develop a process to convert vintage gas vehicles into vintage electric cars at scale. Rob’s restored Chevy 3100 Truck is now available as an electric Chevy 3100 Truck, thanks to the development of Blueprint technology.

The Blueprint process is utilized across all vehicle restoration projects both electric and gas. Whether you are in the market for a Kindred Gas Bronco, Kindred EV Chevy 3100 Truck, Kindred EV Vintage VW Bus, or a future model, rest assured that the restoration process is meticulously planned and executed to bring you the best driving experience for years to come.