Monica John

Kindred Technology Process


The Future of Classic Cars: Electric Conversions at Kindred

At Kindred Motorworks, the team of veteran engineers, designers, and classic car mechanics are applying workflow technology to the automotive industry that hasn’t been applied before. The team at Kindred has spent many hours at hundreds of local shops, observing their vehicle restoration processes and identifying inefficiencies.

Through Kindred’s proprietary task management software, Blueprint, team members are able to map out the genome of a particle vehicle and the precise steps it would take to rebuild and restore that vehicle. Everything is documented from vital vehicle parts to the screws that hold those parts together.

With Blueprint, mechanics don’t need to have every bit of knowledge in their heads because it’s right in front of them every step of the way. Each new vehicle restoration presents an opportunity for the Blueprint software to improve as it gathers more information and feedback from Kindred technicians. As a result, Kindred is able to restore classic cars more efficiently without room for error or the vehicle’s quality being jeopardized.

Kindred Motorworks, because of Blueprint, is able to scale its volume of vehicle production and continue to lower costs as vehicle parts become more economical. This means that Kindred can offer more accessible and affordable modernized classic cars that are safe and fun to drive. In the market for a vintage vehicle restomod? Check out the Kindred Motoworks lineup of gas and electric vintage vehicles options featuring the Kindred Gas Bronco, Kindred EV Chevy 3100 Truck, and Kindred EV Vintage VW Bus available with upgrade options and customized color and wheelset options.