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Kindred VW Electric Bus


The Electrified Transformation of the Iconic VW Bus

The beloved VW Bus just got electrified. While most vintage VW Buses stay in the garage as a result of questionable breaking, low horsepower, and quirky steering, the Kindred VW bus is upgraded will all-new parts to make it safe, reliable, and a joy to drive on the road.

The first generation Volkswagen VW Bus debuted in 1949 with production running until 1967 when the second generation VW Bus rolled out. The first generation Volkswagen VW bus, also known as the T1, came in a variety of configurations and window options based on consumer needs. The van was designed to hold up to nine passengers and act as a work vehicle, mobile home on wheels, and evidently, a touring van as made famous by the Beetle's group in the UK. Given its spacious interior and functional design, it remains one of the most coveted classic cars today.

One of the main pain points with the first generation Volkswagen VW Bus was that it lacked horsepower and only got up to 25 miles per hour on the road. As a result, many of the original models live in garages or are driven locally due to their top speeds not being enough to jump on the highway. With Kindred's electric drive train, the first-generation VW bus can now accelerate up to normal roadway speeds while maintaining the classic aesthetic that we love.

Built from a 1954 to 1967 model, these classic cars are equipped with a new 294hp Direct Drive Electric AC Motor and a 200-mile range. Customize your color with options from Seafoam Green to Sunshine Yellow and more.