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The Joy of Driving


Driving the Past into the Future

Get behind the wheel of Kindred’s VW Electric Bus and you will feel the thousands of hours and testing that went into it. Kindred Motorworks is on a mission to modernize classic cars and make them more safe, more reliable, and a true joy to drive. At each phase of the restoration process, from sourcing the original vehicle frames to the final check of test drives, Kindred vehicles are built with precision and passion at every step of the way.

With a team of veteran automotive engineers, designers, and mechanics, everything about the vehicle's driving experience is considered and tested before being received by a customer. Whether it's a test drive during a winter storm in the mountains or a cruise up Hyde Street in San Francisco, safety and a smooth drive are at the core of Kindred's driving experience so that when a new customer gets into their vehicle for the first time and drives to come, they are overwhelmed with joy in their driving experience.

Now you can enjoy all that you love about a classic car while having state-of-the-art technology and driving experience. No compromises. Choose from an ever-revolving selection of classic cars from the Kindred Ford Bronco restomod to the Kindred Chevy 3100 Truck, Kindred EV Vintage VW Bus, and more. Choose your vehicle paint, wheelset materials, and upgrade options.

Watch the video to experience the drive in our fleet of Kindred vehicles and visit our website to learn more about pre-order options, upcoming new vehicle launches, and more.