Kindred Customer Journey Hero

Your Kindred Classic Car Journey

Your journey to Kindred ownership starts now.

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Step 1

Where it all begins

Reserve a Kindred Vehicle by placing a fully refundable $1000 pre-order. As soon as we have your pre-order, a Kindred vehicle specialist will be in touch to discuss specifications and update you on the next available build slot.

Customer journey 2
Step 2

Let’s get personal

Like any classic journey, you’ve got different paths to follow. Choose to visit us onsite in California or configure your vehicle from anywhere.

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Step 3

The finer details

Congratulations! Your build slot was accepted. Once your paperwork is signed and we’ve received your deposit, your dream build becomes a reality.

Customer journey 4
Step 4

Pitch in on your build

Ready to get your hands dirty? Your vehicle specialist will be in touch to set up a date for you to come to the production facility and give us a hand working on your new classic car rebuild.

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Step 5

Track our progress

All journeys come with checkpoints along the way. To keep you in the loop, your vehicle specialist will share our progress at 4 critical phases of production:

  • Teardown (Taking apart the source vehicle)
  • Body work (Restoration of the body)
  • Paint (This one speaks for itself)
  • Assembly (Fitting in the new chassis and your modern amenities)
Step 6

Almost go-time

You can almost smell that new-again car smell! Your vehicle specialist will reach out with a few final details, and you’ll be ready for the road.

Customer journey 7
Step 7

The day has arrived to Enjoy the Ride!

Great news! Your new Kindred vehicle is ready for delivery. The only thing left to do is book a pickup in person, or schedule delivery. The choice is yours.