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Customer Workday


Building More Than Cars: The Kindred Journey of Customer Collaboration and Craftsmanship

The kind of customers Kindred draws are a different breed of automotive enthusiasts. And as such, they deserve a unique experience – that’s what they get during Kindred’s Customer Work Day.

We invite each of our customers to our facility on Mare Island to meet the team, tour the facility, and most importantly, see their Kindred vehicle come to life. This allows customers to have a personal relationship – both with the team that’s building the vehicle and the automobile itself as it takes shape.

Kindred takes you along for the ride so you can enjoy it even more. And at the end of the day, it leaves customers with the undeniable feeling that the difference between the Kindred experience and purchasing any other vehicle is night and day.

The Kindred Difference

The team involves customers in the design and classic car rebuild process. To their customers, who are obviously gearheads, this can be an exhilarating experience.

Customers get to see the amount of sweat equity that goes into each of Kindred’s modern classic cars – from metal fabrication and bodywork to painting and final assembly – they get to be a part of building their own car.

One of our customers, Frederic, took one of his kids along for Kindred’s Customer Work Day. Not only did he get to skip school, he put on security goggles, a pair of safety gloves, and turned some screws on their vehicle’s flooring.

He helped build the vehicle. Kindred helped create a core memory.

A Shared Journey

In effect, Kindred’s Customer Work Day translates to a joint ownership of a unique automobile. Customers feel as much a part of the company as they are a client, making them even more invested in the shared journey of breathing new life into a vintage vehicle.

When they eventually take the car on the road, they understand the amount of work it took, giving them a heightened sense of appreciation and driving pleasure. That’s the Kindred Difference.